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ES file Explorer
ES Global
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Android 4.2

ES file Explorer Pro (MOD Premium Unlocked) is a file management application for android devices. It is very useful, convenient và I think you will not want khổng lồ skip it!

Introduce about ES tệp tin ExplorerMOD apk version of ES file Explorer (Pro)

Introduce about ES tệp tin Explorer

When using an android device, we will have khổng lồ work quite a lot with files. Maybe you want to extract a ZIP tệp tin to a specific folder, or simply cutting, pasting and moving them khổng lồ different areas of the memory. ES tệp tin Explorer was developed to support these tasks, including advanced features such as compressing images or hiding personal information. We will learn about the benefits that the application can bring in this article.

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Memory capacity analysis

This is the first feature that I mentioned và it is probably something that you are interested in the đứng đầu because the storage space on the device is gradually shrinking. ES tệp tin Explorer will scan all files & folders, then give parameters about the amount of space each file is occupied. These include images, sounds (recording files, and music), documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), applications, etc. Scroll down is the analysis and prediction, about the files và junk (recently created, duplicated or redundant). From there, you can easily free up memory to lớn make more storage space.

Zip & unzip

Usually, app android devices also come with a default file manager, but they’re weak, don’t have high performance, và don’t have many features to support them. For example, compress images, or other media files to lớn make them smoother, match the screen resolution & reduce storage capacity. How ES tệp tin Explorer shows its usefulness when you can bởi these tasks with just a few simple clicks. The file after compression will be stored new, or overwrite the original, depending on your settings. In addition, the application also supports decompression but with superior speed. You can try with big compressed files to lớn see the difference.

Create shortcuts for faster access

If you regularly tải về APK files from the internet and need lớn delete them after installation, you will need to lớn visit the Download folder a lot of times. However, performing a series of operations to get lớn certain directories will be quite time-consuming. Once there, create shortcuts và place them on the trang chủ screen with ES tệp tin Explorer. Retrieving information is easy, fast và you can delete it when it is no longer needed. This feature is similar lớn creating a Shortcut on PC.


Not only does the file manager, but ES file Explorer also provides themes lớn create freshness on your device. If you don’t lượt thích the operating system’s default colors & app icons, change them to the developer-built themes. Some are free, but some are more advanced, meticulously designed và unique so require a fee khổng lồ use.

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ES tệp tin Explorer provides tệp tin protection. You can mix a sạc pin for any thư mục or file by choose the app, then selecting and setting a password. However, if you are worried that you have a bad memory, you can choose to lớn hide it.

Transfer files to PC or other phones via FTP

Yes, file exchange is needed & ES tệp tin Explorer also supports you through the FTP tệp tin exchange. You only need khổng lồ login lớn your pre-registered FTP trương mục to connect, then select the respective areas & files. This process will be performed when the device is connected khổng lồ a Wifi network.

MOD android version of ES tệp tin Explorer (Pro)

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: First of all, the ads will be removed so as not lớn disturb the user experience anymore. Then there’s a bunch of extra features including the sidebar that can be customized, unlock premium theme packs, customize the function boxes on the homepage, địa chỉ a text editor with lots of work Powerful tool, display all hidden files of the system, và more.

Download ES tệp tin Explorer Pro APK & MOD for Android

Through this article, you probably also know the benefits that ES tệp tin Explorer can bring. Of course, you can explore more by downloading the thủ thuật version on It’s completely free.