Jeon ji hyun và choi joon hyuk

Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun & her husband Choi Joon Hyuk are dismissing reports of an impending divorce after rumours of his alleged infidelity surfaced online.It was reported that the businessman uploaded an edit of a scene from "Slam Dunk" và reworded it to say, “I want to be Jun Ji Hyun’s husband!”
This is believed to be in response to lớn the reports that he doesn"t want lớn be married khổng lồ Jun. According to a statement released by her agency, the allegations about an impending divorce are "baseless". Referring to lớn the broadcast aired on Garo Sero Institute’s live stream on June 2, the statement indicated that the information that is being circulated is very different from the truth and dubbed it as "intentional malicious rumours".The star also claimed that her team is trying to find out the truth behind the distorted information being circulated và warned of "strong legal action".

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She also took a stand against the "false information" being circulated through various news articles & comments.
The Garo Sero Institute report claimed that Jun Ji Hyun and her husband are on the verge of a divorce, but the star is refusing lớn proceed with the formalities as it could allegedly harm her commercial deals and could lead khổng lồ heavy penalty fees being imposed due to lớn negative press.

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While the report claimed that Choi Joon Hyuk has already moved out of their marital home, rumours of their separation have been doing the rounds. It was also reported that the couple has been given six months to work out their differences và fix the marriage.
Meanwhile, other scandalous reports claim that there may have been another woman coming in between their marriage, leading up to the split.




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