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Where is the love?What"s wrong with the world mamaPeople livin" lượt thích ain"t got no mamasI think the whole world addicted khổng lồ the dramaOnly attracted lớn things that"ll bring ya traumaOverseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorismBut we still got terrorists hea livin" in the USAThe big CIA, the Blood khổng lồ the Crips và the KKKBut if you only have love for ya own raceThen ya only leave space to lớn discriminateAnd to discriminate only generates hateAnd when ya hate then you"re bound khổng lồ get irate, yeahBadness is what ya demonstrate and that"s exactly how ANGER works & OperatesNig, you gotta have love just khổng lồ set it straightTake control of your mind and meditateLet your soul gravitate to the love y"all, y"allChorus:People killin" people dyin"Children hurt, you hear them cryin"Can you practice what you preach?Or would you turn the other cheekFATHER FATHER FATHER help usSend some guidance from above"Cuz people got me got me questionin"Where is the love (where is the love)Where is the loveWhere is the love, the love, the loveIt just ain"t the same, always unchangedNew days are strange, is the world insaneIf love và peace is so strongWhy are these pieces of love that don"t belongNations droppin" bombsChemical gasses fillin" lungs of little onesWith the ongoin" sufferin" as the youth die youngSo ask yourself is the lovin" really goneSo I could ask myself really what is goin" wrongIn this world that we livin" in, people keep on givin" in,Makin" wrong decisions only visions of them dividendsNot respectin" each other, deny thy brotherA war is goin" on but the reason"s undercovaThe truth is kept secret, it"s swept under the rugIf you never know truth then you never know loveWhere"s the love y"all come on (I don"t know)Where"s the truth y"all come on (I don"t know)Where"s the love y"allRepeat ChrousI feel the weight of the world on my shoulderAs I"m getting older, y"all people gets colderMost of us only care about money makin"Selfishness got us followin" our own directionWrong information always shown by the mediaNegative images is just the main criteriaInfecting the young minds faster than bacteriaKids wanna act lượt thích what they see in the cinemasYo, whatever happened to lớn the value of humanityWhatever happened to lớn the fairness & equalityInstead of spreading love we"re spreading animosityLack of understanding, leading lives away from unityThat"s the reason why sometimes I"m feelin" underThat"s the reason why sometimes I"m feelin" downThere"s no wonder why sometimes I"m feelin" underGotta keep my faith alive "til love is foundSo ask yourselfRepeat Chorus( fade out)