Look: princess hours cast 16 years later

Yoon Eun Hye used khổng lồ be the hit K-drama actress of the mid-2000s. (Photo: KIYOUNG KIM, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped)

Fans will remember Yoon Eun Hye as the K-drama star who conquered the small screen in the mid-2000s. She has worked with the fan-favorite K-drama actors of today, like Gong Yoo and Joo Ji Hoon.

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Now, in an episode of MBC"s variety show "Radio Star," Yoon Eun Hye reminisced about her kissing scenes with Gong Yoo in "Coffee Prince" and Joo Ji Hoon in "Princess Hours." So, who between the two is her favorite?

AllKpopnoted the 37-year-old star first talked about her kissing scene with Joo Ji Hoon. She revealed she spent most of her youth promoting as a member of Baby Vox, so she enjoyed doing "Princess Hours" because she had lớn wear her school uniform, hang out with friends, go on dates, marry và live the life she never had the chance to vày in real life.

The topic then moved to lớn her kissing scene. It was dubbed as realistic, done on the public streets of Myeongdong.

Yoon Eun Hye revealed the director suddenly brought them there, though they had no idea what they were about lớn do. An assistant director was far away from them & a camera was set up somewhere distant that they did not know.

Suddenly, they heard the director saying, "Stand over there! Take off your hat! Kiss!" However, at the time, people were starting to gather around them và take pictures.

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Though they felt the pressure, their kissing scene still felt real. The actress also discussed the kiss she shared with Gong Yoo in "Coffee Prince," which was a big hit in 2007.

Meanwhile, talking about "Coffee Prince," its two lead stars reunited in 2020 for the show"s reunion documentary, "My Dear Youth - Coffee Prince," per Pinkvilla. Yoo Eun Hye surprised Gong Yoo on their fictional coffee shop set from the show.

"The Silent Sea" star reminisced about his time on the series, sitting at the barista counter. The crew bought their time to wait for Yoo Eun Hye"s arrival to lớn surprise her former leading man.

The cameras caught his dễ thương reaction, unaware that the actress was still there. He initially thought she had already left after wrapping up her part of the filming.

The two exchanged pleasantries & Yoo Eun Hye told Gong Yoo that he had not changed that much. Though he was a little hesitant to bởi the documentary, afraid that his memories of the show would be ruined, it looked like he enjoyed being reunited with the people he worked with 13 years ago.